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Why Arizona Podcast

Feb 20, 2019

“I’m not damaged goods. It was a bump in the road. I have not allowed it to consume who I am. I use my story and I embrace what happened to me. I use it to continue my foundation in a positive light… Through my foundation, I hope people will feel a little more comfortable talking about their experience.” - Michelle Dimuria

Ashley Law is sitting down with Michelle DiMuria, the CEO and Founder of the Bee Daring Foundation. The Bee Daring Foundation is dedicated to bringing awareness and educating individuals about the importance of mental health on college campuses. After being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in 2017, Michelle set out to be an example to others that when you speak up, you’re letting other people know that they aren’t alone.

Show Notes:

- What encouraged Michelle to start a foundation?
- What is the “Pave The Way to Mental Health Summit?”
- How did she win a ASU’s Pitchfork Award?
- How being a victim of sexual assault changed her life
- Can anyone have PTSD?
- How to begin to treat PTSD
- Why Michelle tells stories through superheroes with Superhero Square
- Why the name, Bee Daring Foundation
- How to balance positivity and hard subjects
- What is mental illness?
- How to identify mental illness
- Why opening up about your challenges helps others!

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