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Why Arizona Podcast

Dec 12, 2018

On this episode of the Why Arizona Podcast, your host Ashley Law had the opportunity to get to know Anjuli Morse co-founder of Babe Council.

Babe Council is a non-partisan organization that educates and empowers women to be more community and civic-minded through social activism and altruism. “By babes, for babes, we educate and empower women to be more civic and community-minded through social activism and altruism… Like Girl Scouts for grownups… With cocktails!”

The organization got its start in August of 2017 after being inspired by the Women’s March that took place after the election. The founders of the group are Anjuli Morse, Amanda Stolee and Lindsey Parson. The organization works out of Galvanize, a co-working space for startups in the Wharehouse District.

For Anjuli this is her fourth successful startup, having started her first at the age of 19. In Babe Council she and her co-founders are looking to create a safe space for women on a level playing field where they are empowered and able to give back to their community.

They consider themselves to be “your local girl gang”, taking tangible action in the service of others, educating themselves and others about the issues facing our community. They have created relationships with our states elected officials and are all about holding them accountable.

Their ultimate goal is to “show up for every babe out there who’s ever wondered,’what could I do?’ “

Show Notes:

  • How Ashley and Anjuli know each other.
  • Helping find “the girl”
  • What is Babe Council?
  • Why Ashley is drawn to Anjuli.
  • Why it’s important to know what’s the most important to you.
  • Getting women to dream bigger!
  • Women don’t need power, they need to realize they have power.
  • Why we don’t give ourselves permission
  • “Inconveniencing” ourselves so that it’s easier for others.
  • What Anjuli is learning about our generation
  • Learning to ask for money for “Babe Council”
  • There are so many causes, bringing on more people instead of having to say no.
  • Ashley and her involvement in the Junior League
  • Connecting through your heart, finding your cause
  • Making friends as an adult is something that can be very difficult.
  • Identifying your core beliefs.
  • Go Fund Me
  • How often does Babe Council Meet?
  • Talking little steps and starting instead of thinking that you need to be all in or not in at all.
  • $1 is 7 meals at St. Mary’s, small things really do make a difference.
  • Understanding you only have so much bandwidth and knowing when you need to adjust “Your Dial”
  • Finding your purpose
  • Where to connect with Anjuli and what events are coming up.

Contact Information for Anjuli Morse:

Contact Information for Ashley Law