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Why Arizona Podcast

Feb 27, 2018

Chip Teetsel, Sales Manager for Educational Services, INC Welcome to Why Arizona! Today your host, Zachary Hall, sat down with Chip Teetsel to talk about how we can bring more good teachers to Arizona. They're talking about: - Why there is a shortage of teachers in Arizona - How we are working to bring in people from the midwest - How to become a teacher in Arizona - How to become a substitute teacher in Arizona - Where to eat in Arizona - Why everything you do is about building relationships Thank you for listening! Don’t forget to “Like” and Subscribe! Who would you like to see featured on our show? Let us know at: Follow Chip on Linked In: Connect with the ESI Program: Follow Zach on FB and Insta @zacharyhall Check out everything on the Renzler Media Podcast Network at: