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Why Arizona Podcast

Jun 21, 2019

Welcome back to Why Arizona for season 3! This season host Lindsay Moellenberndt is speaking with some of top leaders within the business community!

On this episode there is guest Denise Gredler the founder and CEO of BestCompanies AZ. Lindsay and Denise discuss how to apply for BestCompanies AZ, industry changes, and building a successful business network.

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In This Episode:

- What is BestCompanies AZ?

- How many companies are recognized through BestCompanies AZ?

- What type of industries are represented?

- Is there a size requirement to be nominated within BestCompanies AZ?

- How should companies promote their reward?

- What changes are happening within the Arizona business community?

- Where should companies go if they want to be nominated for an award?

- What should I look for in my next employer?

- What companies in the valley are top in innovation?

- How can companies stand out over social media?

- I am new to the valley, where do I start looking for a job?

- What should I do to start standing out to large corporations?

- How important is nonprofit involvement?

- How have millennials changed the work force?

- What is some advice for young business professionals?

- How to build a successful business network


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