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Why Arizona Podcast

Jan 16, 2019

After starting with a 5 gallon home brewing kit in her kitchen five years ago, you can now find Greenwood Brewing beer in over 50 locations in Arizona!

Ashley Law is sitting down with Megan Greenwood, the owner and founder of Greenwood Brewing. Megan is an alternative energy sales engineer who has turned her part time passion into what will soon be the Greenwood Brewery and Beer Garden in downtown Phoenix. Known for her flagship beer, “Herstory Brew,” Megan is doing everything she can to bring more women into the craft brewing scene.

Show Notes:

- How did Greenwood Brewing start?
- How important is great product?
- How does she balance being an engineer and growing a brewery?
- How to start a microbrewery in your garage
- Making beer more approachable for women
- How can we make beer less intimidating?
- What’s the difference between a logger and an ale?
- Why is good beer a staple in great conversation?
- “Herstory Brew” and where to find it!

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Find Where You Can Try Greenwood Brews:

Instagram: @greenwoodbrewing

Megan Greenwood’s Personal Instagram: @gwoodie

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