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Why Arizona Podcast

Feb 27, 2019

“The reason that that marriage did not work out for me is because… I did not fully understand at the time… the actual root of self love. That relationship ending forced me, for the last five years, to go on a spiritual journey and understand really what my purpose here is.” - Nicole Myden

Ashley Law is sitting down with Nicole Myden, the CEO and Founder of The PR Concierge and the host of the #PRpose Podcast! With two decades of PR experience and wisdom, Nicole has set out to make sure that the modern day entrepreneur knows that they are not only worthy of PR, but that they also understand how it works. In her own words, “Experience + Intention = Impact!”

Show Notes:

- What is The PR Concierge?
- How did she get her first internship?
- How did she start a PR business in L.A. at 25 years old?
- Why ending her marriage has lead to more self-growth than any other time in her life!
- How important is your environment?
- What is PR? Defining Public Relations
- Why You Should Become A Tourist In Your Own Town!
- Launching the #PRpose Workshop Series
- What is the key to GREAT PR?
- Should I use video to grow my business?
- Why is Phoenix an AMAZING MEDIA MARKET?
- How to allow yourself to think big!
- How do you find soulful alignment?
- How do you find your “Why?”
- Why should you celebrate small wins?

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