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Why Arizona Podcast

Apr 17, 2019

Welcome back to Why Arizona with our host, Ashley Law. Today we have a very special episode with a guest that is very close to the Why Arizona team...Lizy Hoeffer Irvine!

Lizy Hoeffer Irvine is a Senior Loan Officer and leads Arizona’s No. 1 Female-led Mortgage Team at Guild Mortgage. On top of all her success she is a mom of 3, wife to Skyler Irvine, has a YouTube channel, and blog. Lizy gives tips into a world that may be hard for some to understand, talks pursuing your passions, and creating a positive work-life balance. We hope you enjoy this episode!

Show Notes:
- Who is Lizy Hoeffer Irvine?
- How to be an asset in your company
- How to be successful in your career
- Having respect for yourself
- How to overcome being fired
- How to use fear to change your life
- How to have the power to be the boss
- Lizy Hoeffer YouTube channel
- What is velocity banking?
- What is Guild Mortgage
- How to balance being a working mom
- Why moms should stop judging themselves

Connect with Lizy: