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Why Arizona Podcast

Mar 20, 2019

“Confidence is built in other ways - not just pant size.” - Taylor Stone

On today’s episode host Ashley Law sat down with former NFL cheerleader, turned mind/body coach Taylor Stone. Stone’s love for health and wellness started her journey into coaching women on manifesting the life they wish to have and the person they want to be. She provides tips on how to take action in your own life and being in the moment.

Show Notes:

- What started her interest in Exercise Science?
- Why do we want what’s on paper rather than experience?
- Where do feelings come from?
- How Taylor Stone Became A Coach
- How to Find the “Real” Issue and Goal
- Tools For Manifestation
- EFT Tapping
- How to be Grateful
- How to Be Proactive and Not Reactive
- What is trauma?
- How to Treat Trauma
- How to STOP Being a Perfectionist
- Why We Question Ourselves?
- Difference Between Fear and Intuition
- What is “Inspired Action”
- How Taylor Manifest
- How to Gain Confidence

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Instagram: @taylor.o.stone



Podcast: Vibe Higher


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