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Why Arizona Podcast

Feb 23, 2018

Matt Gordon, Head Men's Basketball Coach at Phoenix College Welcome to Why Arizona! Today your host, Zachary Hall, sits down with Matt Gordon to talk about his career as a basketball coach and building a community around the sport. They're talking about: - Zachary Hall starting out at Phoenix College - How to recruit against larger schools - Building Relationships at every level - Sitting down with Families of recruits - Being involved in the Arcadia, AZ Community - The benefits of holding youth accountable - Coach Matt's take on young travel teams - Why you should always go after the best experience! - Where to eat in Phoenix, Arizona! Thank you for listening! Don’t forget to “Like” and Subscribe! Who would you like to see featured on our show? Let us know at: Follow Matt on Twitter: @CoachGordonPC Follow Zach on FB and Insta @zacharyhall Check out everything on the Renzler Media Podcast Network at: