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Why Arizona Podcast

Feb 16, 2018

Why AZ Nicole Smith Description Welcome to Why Arizona! Today your host, Zachary Hall, had the pleasure of sitting down with Nicole Justine Smith, Miss Arizona USA 2018. We’re diving into: - The experience of being crowned Miss Arizona USA 2018 - Coming Up Short 6 Times Before Winning - What it’s like to represent the state of Arizona - Having Perseverance In Hard Times - Leading By Example - Life Changing Experiences - Goals for the Future - Getting to Give Back to Your Community - How to connect with Nicole Thank you for listening! Don’t forget to “Like” and Subscribe! Who would you like to see featured on our show? Let us know at: For Partnerships with Nicole: Follow Nicole’s Personal Account on Instagram: @thenicolejsmith Follow the Miss Arizona Instagram Account: @missazusa Follow Zach on FB and Insta @zacharyhall Check out everything on the Renzler Media Podcast Network at: