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Why Arizona Podcast

Jan 30, 2019

“It’s like a big weight is lifted off your shoulders when you can just be real and honest with yourself and with others. You’re surprised with how many people are going through exactly what you are… Once you open up and let that guard down and share your experiences, it helps others relate to you as well and then they can feel more comforted in what they’re going through.” - Milbrey Rowe

Ashley Law had the opportunity to sit down with Milbrey Rowe to talk about her struggles with infertility and the success of her IVF journey!

Show Notes:

- Ashley Announcing Her Own Journey with Infertility
- Why Open Conversations Will Help All of Us
- When did Milbrey know she needed treatment for infertility?
- What are the first steps to IVF?
- Being Thankful for the Journey
- The Importance of Communication with Your Spouse
- How Struggling Makes Your Relationship Stronger
- Does IVF Medication Affect Your Mood?
- Why It’s Okay to Be Frustrated
- Why It’s Important to Document Your Journey
- What Made Milbrey Decide to Share Her Story Publicly?
- How to Approach Friends Going Through IVF
- Acupuncture and Infertility
- Infertility Resources and Where To Buy Medication
- Why You Have to Always Be Thinking Forward!

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Other Resources Mentioned:

New Direction Fertility Centers:

Tempe Community Acupuncture:

“IVF Arizona” Facebook Group: